Good news from Safaricom. Your 8 step Lipa na Mpesa payment procedure has now been reduced to just 1 step with the introduction of Mpesa 1 Tap. The pilot for this payment method started in June last year, after which it was rolled out for use in Nakuru yesterday. It will spread out to other towns.

What do you need?

Customers will need to have either a card, wrist band or phone sticker. Merchants across the country will be issued with M-PESA 1 Tap Point of Sale terminals in line with the phased roll out. Both customers and merchants will be issued with M-PESA 1 Tap payment devices and two subsequent replacements will be free.

How does it work?

To make payments, customers will tap their cards, wristbands or stickers on an M-PESA 1 Tap Point of Sale terminal (POS), and enter their PIN on their phone to confirm and complete the payment.


Other than ease and convenience, the new payment system will also offer customers a higher level of privacy and can do away with the idea of having to show confirmation messages to merchants after paying. This has been the case in some cases. For me this was more of irking than anything else.

Reduced errors

Say goodbye to entering wrong Till Numbers. Mpesa 1 Tap eliminates the need to feed in numbers. This is a good level of convenience.

In the words of the Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore, “M-PESA 1 Tap marks the next phase in our M-PESA journey as we bring to our customers innovations that further enhance the speed, safety and convenience of the service. We have seen the number of payments on M-PESA now grow to the equivalent of person-to-person transactions, a testament that Lipa Na M-PESA has indeed become an integral part of our customers’ day-to-day lives,”

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