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6 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Hair

by Femme Staff
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A good head of hair is a woman’s crowning glory and the good news is that it is not overly difficult or necessarily pricey to maintain one no matter what style you choose to have. Spending loads of money on hot oils and expensive treatments may work for your hair alright but to better the deal you also need to stop the hair sabotaging habits that you might be getting into every day.

1. Too many products

Hands up if you have ever over shopped for your hair. I have. Not because I needed all the assortment of anti frizz, anti breakage, anti this and that, or Moroccan oil in every brand. Nor did I need clarifying, volumizing, hydrating, moisturizing, colour protect shampoos and conditioners. It was just because, well, I’m a girl and girls shop. Because every product smells more awesome than the previous purchase. And the packaging is oh so beautiful and the glowing list of benefits always seem impossible to pass up. So at some point I had accumulated enough products to run a small salon and my bathroom and I were just overwhelmed. As was my hair.

The problem with over buying products is the need to use them all. And right there is where the over handling bit rears its ugly head. Over shampooing and over treating goes along with over drying and overheating hence too much of blow driers, tongs, flat irons, etc. Overwhelming your hair in this manner will lead to damage, breakage and split ends. Tone it down a bit and give your mane and wallet a breather. Think about it, if you have shopped for 20 products just for your one head, chances are that several of them are one and the same thing.

2. Wrong nutrition

Your aversion to fruits, vegetables and powerful minerals will catch up with your general health including your hair. Hair is a protein and so high quality protein foods will work wonders for it. This will not come from your desk lunch of oily fries and over processed meat. Let foods like fish, eggs, liver and good quality meats be your friend. Pack up on fruits and vegetables too while at it. Feed it from inside out long enough and the result will be strong healthy shiny and everything nice hair.

3. Rough handling after home shampoo and treatments

Detangling hair can be a frustrating procedure especially if you’re not patient enough. I know of times when I’ve reached my wits end and felt like forcing a comb through the knots knowing full well that this will damage my hair. There’s no two ways about it though unfortunately. Even with the best conditioner you’ll still just have to love your hair and be gentle with it when combing and detangling.

4. Using wrong products

You have got to know your hair type and the products that go well with it –be it natural or relaxed. I have for example come to learn that some very popular and well hyped hair lotions are not for me and neither are solid hair foods that add enough weight to my hair for me to feel it. I’ve therefore since opted for liquid oils, light lotions and sprays. You will learn a lot from your hair dresser and also through experimentation and reading the ingredients in hair products when you’re doing your shopping.

5. Neglecting your hair

Right across from overdoing is doing too little. I know we’re in a hurry and sometimes hair care seems like such a chore but it still has got to be done. Having a busy life does not give you a pass to walk around with limp lifeless hair. Or worse dirty hair. Identify and stick to a hair regimen and routine that works for you and your locks will thank you for that.

6. Not staying hydrated enough

The water habit is everywhere you look. It looks overdone but the truth is, it does work. Drinking enough water will be of immense benefit to your overall health, including your hair.

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