Broken Rel

Relationships are not always ribbons and roses. Sometimes either of the partners does something that put the relationship right into the path of strain. This may be habitual or one off, it may be unknowingly or knowingly. We’re all socialized differently and there is bound to be all these differences in couples. But some things should cut across the board and never be done in a loving relationship as they will certainly spoil the deal.


Poor hygiene in both men and women can and will most certainly affect the quality of your relationship and may be even strain it to a point of breaking. Nobody wants to be every day close to a dirty person, more so in relationships where the partners are bound to be intimate often. The good thing is that bad hygiene habits have solutions though the offending partner will in the first place have to accept their short coming and be ready to deal with it. This does not only apply to hygiene. A lot of relationship killers can be sorted out easily if the couple is in constant honest communication and the offending partner recognizes that there is a problem and is willing to work towards solving it.


One of the major put off when it comes to poor hygiene is bad breath. This may be either from a medical condition or just poor oral hygiene. There are a lot of over the counter products in pharmacies and supermarkets that are targeted for this problem but if the couple feels the problem needs medical attention, then by all means they should see a doctor who should be able to diagnose and treat any deeper under laying problems.


A dirty house can put off any visitors and more so your lover especially so when it comes to the bedroom. If you’re going to have someone sharing your bed it’s only fair that you make sure that your beddings are absolutely clean. It’s most unfair to have a visitor sleep on beddings that have not been cleaned for weeks.  A simple solution to a dirty house is either to get active or to enlist the services of a cleaning lady and have them thorough clean clothes and the house in general at close intervals.


Unpleasant body odor may be due to nature or odor due to unwashed body and hair. Whatever the cause, this does not make it any less a put off.  The couple can sort this out by scheduling daily baths and keeping it as a routine. They can also help each other in grooming, for example the lady can clip the man’s nails say every once in a week or whatever intervals they will agree on.


Substance abuse. It may be ok to indulge a little bit in harmless entertainment now and again if you’re both in agreement about it but overdoing it will most certainly kill your relationship with time. Drugs and alcohol drain energy and money and the abuser is almost always tired and cranky. That is not the best front to present to someone you love on a daily or regular basis. Furthermore, this is a person you probably intend to take a step further and spend the rest of your life with and you do not want to watch them self destruct.


Stone Walling. There are partners who completely refuse to talk even when there is an issue to be sorted. This has got to be one of the most frustrating deal breakers in a relationship. Whenever there is a problem within the relationship, both partners have to be ready to talk openly about it so as to come to a solution. If one partner refuses to talk the other will get the feeling that they would not be bothered to sort out any problems they’re having. This will prompt them to also keep quiet about issues and the end result may very well be an explosive quarrel the day tempers finally flare.

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