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Beautiful Crochet Decor

by Femme Staff
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I know. We stopped crocheting. Actually we never caught on the habit at all in the first place. It is all granny and time consuming – so yesteryear and has no place in the relentless rat race that is modern life. We can barely spare the time to shop for finished items, let alone do the crocheting ourselves. But crocheted pieces can be quite a fantastic addition to your décor. Think of all the beautiful colours you can combine at will and how beautiful the end result of your labour of love will be. Think of the uniqueness of it all and the satisfaction of a job well done. Think of the scope to which you can stretch your creativity. You can even replicate your mum’s poncho into a cushion.


Depending on your taste, you can use pastel colours, plain colours, or you can combine wildly bright colours to give oomph to your room. Start with a small coaster, move onto placemats and small cushion covers, grow the habit and before you know it, you’ll be making throws and whole bedcovers. If you feel like all that crocheting will drive you to the edge, or worse still cause you to abandon the project, start with small accent pieces like a few patches to cover just the middle of a cushion. Once you get the hang of making small squares for patch work, you can go all the crazy you want from there. You can keep it down to a few signature pieces or you can go all out. Too much of a good thing is too much though, so you may want to keep have a limit.


If you need extra motivation to learn crocheting and even more motivation to muster the patience to decorate say, enough cushions for a sofa, bear in mind that the discipline to crochet is in itself quite relaxing and therapeutic. Furthermore, you can turn it into a passion and money making venture.

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