ConflictRelationships by their very nature are based on love, understanding and good communication but there will always crop up disagreements every once in a while. As long as they don’t go overboard into extreme quarrels and physical fights, these disagreements are actually a sign of a healthy relationship as they show that each partner is thriving in their individuality. This in turn helps them love themselves, thus making it easy for the other partner to love them.


Love is an emotional situation and you should therefore not avoid emotions when having disagreements. If anything, you both should strive to have them all out albeit peacefully. That way you can both be able to express your deepest feelings. Your ultimate goal should be to protect each other’s feelings from unnecessary bruise and only go as far as is sensible when fighting.

Do not mock, make fun, or jeer at your partner when in the middle of an argument. Come to a meeting of minds and look at the problem jointly without any of you feeling more superior to the other. Distinguish between being frustrated by something your partner did that you think is wrong, and by your partner as a person. If you make the mistake of mixing up the two, you may end up missing the whole point of the disagreement and hence miss the right approach to a loving resolution.


Your feelings are up to you. You are 100% responsible for them. Losing temper and getting loud during an argument will only grate your partner and yet he/she is not the one shouting about. No matter how aggrieved you may feel, take control of your feelings and do not let them interfere with the possibility of an amicable conclusion to your disagreement. Otherwise if the two of you get into a shouting match, you will both just work one another’s emotions up to a point where you cannot solve anything.


Foremost in your mind should be to focus on having a peaceful end to the tiff you’re having. Do not spend all your energy on trying to be right, otherwise you won’t have the goodwill to listen to your partner. Being right or wrong is not the most important thing in an argument. Looking at it from both parties’ points of view is and if both partners commit to this, any disagreements will be ironed out with love and understanding.


Apologize when in the wrong. There is nothing wrong with being humble and accepting when you’re wrong and nothing expresses good will as effectively as a heartfelt apology. It communicates that you are willing to mend fences and get the relationship back to normal again. An apology also humbles the both of you and ensures that you soon rekindle the love you both share. A genuine apology can actually instantly quell fires and get the couple back on track in an instant.


Communication is key in any relationship. Sometimes it may be that one partner is quiet. It is normal to be quiet and if one is quiet by nature there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But there’s all the wrong with an uncommunicative partner. There is the kind that clams up and completely refuses to engage in any form of communication even, and especially when it’s necessary. If you’re sharing time and activities with another person, it follows that you talk on a daily basis about your day to day activities and how they affect your relationship.

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