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Vertical Blinds For Home Decor

by Femme Staff
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BlindsHome décor goes hand in hand with personality and there may very well be ladies out there who do not feel the need for all the hullabaloo of frills and ribbons and all the elaborate draperies splashed on just about every decor magazine. If this be your style, you can bypass all the headache and still have a neat house with beautiful functional window dressing by going for something as unexpected and as unconventional as vertical blinds. Not just for your home office but for other rooms as well. There’s a place for everyone in décor, including the different or maybe even eccentric lady who thrives in minimalistic clutter free atmosphere and who would pull off this kind of look in the house.


Vertical blinds are not necessarily cheap and will usually require the additional cost of special fixtures prior to fitting, weight plates and bead runners, not to mention specialized shops and fundis. But once they’re in place they’re neat as they come. They can however save you money in other ways especially because they don’t accumulate dust easily and in case of damage, you only need to repair a few blinds as opposed to whole window curtains.


They come in different colours so anyone wanting to combine a few assorted colours will not be short changed on that.


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