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Animal Print Decor – Bringing Jungle Into Your Home

by Femme Staff
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Animal LampsUntil not too long ago, the general perception among many people was that animal print décor was a preserve of hotels. Not anymore. Over the years, more and more people are embracing this exotic, natural and well coordinated décor style for their homes and the good thing is that in Kenya a wide variety of animal print fabrics are readily available and generally inexpensive. Animal prints are a fabulous way to add character and a hint of jungle to your décor and can be incorporated in different parts of the home. The result is a dramatic mix if natural and exotic beauty.

Animal Print RugYou can have animal prints anywhere and on just about anything in the room – floor rugs, window dressing, wall paper, beddings, lampshades and other accessories like pillows, throws and place mats. It’s good to be daring and experimental when it comes to décor but you do not exactly want to bring the untamed wild into your home. Some restraint is required when decorating with animal prints as overuse can result in disastrously busy and overpowering look especially if the rooms in question are small and are either cluttered or have many other décor elements to them. Counter this by having the prints in accent pieces only and not having more than one or two well placed pieces per room. In some cases though, you can get away with bolder choices especially if the house is big and the rest of the décor is understated. Go all out but use your better judgment to make sure that the overall look of the room is not overwhelming.


One favourite animal print I’ve seen among many is the zebra print. A lot of people love the drama and the fact that being black and white, it will take just about any other colour and will not necessarily interfere with other décor preferences.

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