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Sondeka Festival 2014

by Femme Staff

SondekaIf you’re a creative or you appreciate the effort put by creatives around you, keep your eyes open for the Sondeka festival.


What is Sondeka festival? It is a platform that gives a chance for creatives to show case their arts, meet people, network and have fun. It is the only event in East Africa that celebrates innovation and creativity while maintaining the authentic African experience. It brings together over 50 performing artists, 30 curated creative activities, challenges and real time innovation.


“Sondeka Festival promotes Africa as a centre for creativity and investment opportunities. The festival acts as an intermediary between producers of creative innovations and organizations and consumers of their products. Sondeka Festival brings all forms of creativity into one space to collaborate, co-create and showcase skills and social innovations for sustainable futures. The festival enables creative entrepreneurs to sell goods and services, attract investment, develop new markets, and showcase new and emerging talent.”


This year, Sondeka has organized a creative challenge dubbed ‘the future is in collaborations’. The aim is to open collaborations and co-creation to encourage members to interact more, work together, and hopefully form partnerships that will be beneficial to their work in future. It is ongoing, running from June 10th to July 20th 2014.The work submitted in that competition will be used to market the event and will be showcased at the official Sondeka launch.


There’s no limit to creative ideas out there and the submissions can be in form of paintings, sculpture, animations, video, posters, fliers, banners and merchandise. The artwork must represent how you imagine the future. You can pick anything about our beautiful country and use your creativity to show how you see it in the years to come. It could be a monument, a fashion item or anything in the arts. Creatives whose work gets chosen stand to win free pass tickets to the festival as well as a cash prize of Kshs.5,000/- You’re free to forward multiple submissions to the official Sondeka Festival Facebook page.


The festival which will run from 18th to 20th October 2014 will be open to the public. Attend and enjoy the artistic innovations of musicians, actors and people in the arts in general. Also get to shop for items that will be showcased at the festival.


More of Sondeka festival can be found at http://www.sondeka.net/

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