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Before You Cheat On Your Partner…

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Broken RingThe global statistics on cheating are dire. It is so widespread and despite the obviously negative consequences, many couples cannot seem to be able to keep this ultimate betrayal out of their relationships. Cheating feels like a virtual stab to the heart – one of the most painful things you can do to your loved one. Though relationships do recover from it, it takes lots and lots of time and dedication to get back to the original levels of trust that you enjoyed between the two of you. It could also very easily plunge your relationship into an unrecoverable crisis and even spell doom especially if the cheater is a repeat offender.


But first of all, what counts as cheating? Some say that any interactions with the opposite sex that you find necessary to keep secretive all count as cheating. Some may argue that it is not cheating until the offending spouse has been intimate with someone else. The truth is that cheating happens on many levels and none will be pleasing to your spouse. Falling in love and getting physically intimate is of course the most hurting and the most difficult to recover from.


Before you cheat…


Ask yourself the tough questions and answer them truthfully and you’ll discover that the cons of cheating far outweigh the pros. If there is something you’re unhappy about in your relationship that is causing you to desire someone else, open up to your partner before you fall into that trap. Opening up before hand is not easy but it’s certainly easier than having to explain yourself after you’ve been caught cheating. Above all, respect your lover through and through and this alone will go a long way at ensuring faithfulness.


A few minutes of sexual bliss in the arms of another man or woman are not worth ruining the relationship you and your partner have built. Be open to one another about your sexual needs and be realistic about which of them can be fulfilled. Your partner may not be comfortable with some fetishes and wild sexual preferences and they should be able to communicate as much. If you feel the desire to cheat, look at it deeply and seek within yourself ways of quashing it instead of going ahead and committing the ultimate relationship crime against your partner.

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