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How To Keep A Guy Interested In You

by Femme Staff
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InterestedIt is in the interest of everyone in love to keep their partner interested in them so that the relationship does not fizzle out. There are many little things one can do on a daily basis to keep the fire burning but below are a few most basic ones.


Have a life. It is well that you’re in love and wish to spend as much time as possible together but it will be to the benefit of the relationship if you as a woman have your own standing and you have activities to occupy your time. This communicates to the guy that you are an intelligent woman with a mind of her own who will not cling to him at all times and who can sort out issues even when he’s not around to do so himself. This will also make him respect you and love you even more.


Many girls are under the mistaken belief that they should dedicate their every waking minute to their boyfriends but as much as that looks and sounds most desirable, availing yourself too much too soon could make you look desperate and this is a definite turn off. By having a life of your own, you also give the guy some space to be himself and to catch up with his friends, hobbies and interests.


Having separate activities of course calls for trust between the partners as they are bound to be spending time apart in different parts of town. Cultivate an atmosphere of trust so that you won’t keep second guessing one another as this will only lead to fights and even more mistrust.


Have a sense of humor – People with a good sense of humor don’t take themselves too seriously so in the first place if you have one, you will be easy to be around and your boyfriend will want to spend time with you. Show your funny side by making him smile and hence brightening his day. Also, laughing together at jokes, movies, or just general banter will help the two of you bond even more. Furthermore, if you two are able to laugh at each other, you will have an easier time letting go of daily small time negative energies that would otherwise have led to strife in the relationship if not cleared in good time and in good humor.


Be intriguing – Do not let on everything about yourself too soon. Keep a little mystery about yourself so that the man can crave and look forward to discovering something about you every other day. It’s good to talk about your day and activities but hold some small things to yourself. Updating him every minute with your whereabouts, what you’re doing, who you’ve met and all that may end up being draining to him. Besides, you’ll be too much of an open book and lose the element to surprise him with a new side of yourself every once in a while.

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