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Part 2 – How To Keep A Guy Interested In You

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InterestedShow an interest in his interests

As much it is paramount that you have a life of your own, it is also important to balance between being your own person and showing at least a fleeting interest in his hobbies. This will make your boyfriend feel appreciated and supported. It will also spice up your conversations as you will be able to understand what he’s talking about when he starts discussing something he likes. Be willing to try things out with him as this will also strengthen your bond and make your relationship more fun. Just keep it at a balance so you’re not smothering him when he wants to have his own time.

Be keen on your appearance

Strive to look good for your partner at all times. This is not to say you spend all your days in full make up, stilettos and cocktail dresses. Dress appropriately for the time, place and occasion but whatever you wear, keep it clean and classy. Even when you’re lounging indoors, have beautiful casual wear that flatters your figure. This will more importantly keep you feeling upbeat and confident in yourself, hence easier to be around.

Always keep your hair neat and clean. Of course it is understandable that sometimes it will be all messed up but at least let it be clean and smelling nice. This you can do by cleaning it at home or having it done at the salon or spa. By the very nature of relationships and intimacy, your head will always be close to him when you’re giving him a kiss, sleeping, having sex or just sitting close and cuddling. Therefore, you can see why cleanliness is important as a dirty smelling head of hair can be a very major and instant turn off.


Keep your nails well manicured and extremely clean. Again this you can do on your own at home or visit your favorite spa. Visible dirt under the nails is quite gross and should be discouraged as every once in a while you’ll be touching your partner or even sharing a meal or snack. Also, mind your oral hygiene. Your boyfriend and you will be kissing you every other few minutes or hours and you want him to look forward to that.

Support your man

Be loving, caring and nurturing to him. You do not necessarily have to be 100% keen on his activities but support him through them all the same. If he’s feeling let down about something at work or other things in life, be there to hold his hand and listen to him. Note that this is not the same as being a mother to him. It is just about being a close loving friend to him.


Learn from books, magazines, the internet and other media how to keep things interesting in the bedroom. If the sex is good it will be a very good boost to how your man feels about you and he will certainly want to keep coming back to you. Open up to him and tell him what you want so that he also has a chance to be good to you. If either of you does not comprehend the basics of sex in the beginning, do not worry. It may be because you have not had a whole lot of partners before. With time, openness and practice, you should be well on your way to having great sex all the time.

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