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Blogging and Social Media Tools for Journalism Workshop at PAWA 254

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Mark Kaigwa speaking at a past PAWA254 workshop.

Mark Kaigwa speaking at a past PAWA254 workshop.

Looking around you, you can’t help but notice that Social Media is slowly taking over. From being a tool that many associated with time wastage, it is now a prominent aspect of every business, particularly journalism. It is not only the usual tools such as Facebook and Twitter, we also have blogging as an important aspect of disseminating information.

As Social Media grows and more and more people turn towards it as a source of news, it is important to learn more about it. You need to understand the dangers and responsibilities that come with it. You have to learn how to utilize it for good and how to avoid breaking the law while at it.

For this reason, BAKE and PAWA 254 have partnered to put together a Social Media Strategy Workshop. It will be a 3day event running from 28th July to 30th July from 9.30am to 1.00pm.

The workshop will focus on the following areas:

Day 1

  • Understanding Social Media
  • Social Media’s impact on Traditional Media
  • General Social Media impact
  • New directions in storytelling using social media and interactive multimedia
  • The Rise of Citizen Journalism

Day 2

  • How to source stories using digital resources
  • How to crowd source experts and eyewitnesses
  • Dissemination of information & the changing role of a journalist
  • The most useful social media tools for Journalism
  • Finding an editorial voice on Social Media

 Day 3

  • The fine line between professional & Citizen Journalism
  • The basics of media law, and how apply them on social media
  • How to build an audience for your blog or Twitter account
  • Social Media Guidelines

The facilitators of the workshop will be our very own Kennedy Kachwanya and Sam Wakoba to take attendees through the fundamentals of social media and blogging as tools for journalism.

Below are the trainers’ bios.

Kennedy Kachwanya

Kennedy is the Chairman of BAKE (Bloggers Association of Kenya), CEO of Bloggers Media Ltd, and the Founder of Finwebhost.com and Kachwanya.com. He is a writer, blogger, change agent and new media specialist.

He is interested in exploring the excitement of the New Media, Citizen Journalism, digital marketing, web design and development. His work revolves around connecting the dots between old media and the new media.

Sam Wakoba

Sam is the founder and head of business at TechMoran.com, a Pan-African tech news site focusing on tech entrepreneurship in Africa. He holds a bachelors degree in political science from Makerere University and has over 5 years running internet businesses in East Africa. He was worked for various corporations as their social media manager and communications and brand strategist.

Sam is also a classifieds analyst and reporter for Africa for Aim Group, an international classifieds intelligence firm.

The training workshop is free though one must RSVP to attend.  Kindly RSVP by emailing  info@pawa254.org or by calling 0721 956552.

Source – bloggers.or.ke

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