Only two things happen on a classified site. Someone is trying to sell something and someone else is looking to buy something – thereby creating supply and demand. The most important thing therefore is that a deal is made. That the buyer and seller transact. It is this customer to customer engagement that OLX focuses on by creating a platform for all of the above to happen. By the time the item gets listed on the site, it has already been vetted by the classified site and as such, the site does not then get involved in transactions. This customer to customer engagement ends up being of immense benefits to the users involved.

No brokerage or commissions – When the platform users contact each other on the OLX platform, there is no go between to eat into the moneys of either side of the transaction. The seller gets all his/her money and the buyer gets his/her item at the price specified on the ad.

Time saved – With a classified ads platform like OLX, the site does not get involved in the transaction. This is of advantage to the users because the immediate terms of the deal are as are and there are no delays or time wasted waiting for approvals. The classified site will have done its work during the vetting stage. In an environment where people are constantly transacting, the time saving advantage turns out to be quite a big plus.

Users save on sale overheads – Sellers are able to put their items out into a very large audience of buyers while bypassing the high costs of mainstream advertising.

Users get to know other users with whom to transact – With time and continued use of the OLX platform, frequent buyers and sellers get to interact with each other and with time it’s easy to know who to trust and even endorse for business with other users. They get to learn and warn each other about any scams and criminal elements that may be surfacing and they help each other avoid potential traps, thus contributing to the general safety of the site and online trading.

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