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Glitz And Glamour At Lux Re-launch

by Femme Staff
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Lux is arguably the world’s most iconic beauty soap. With a rich history of close to 90 years, Lux has pampered women for generations with indulgent feminine fragrances, unique formulations, trendy packaging and most of all unrivalled luxury.

Unilever recently re-launched 5 variants of Lux at a well attended high glamour event dubbed ‘ignite the spark’. The variants are developed using world class fragrances from Firmenich. I was honored to be part of the big re-launch at Villa Rosa Kempinksi – an event steeped in as much glitz and glamour as the Lux brand already signifies. Each of the 5 variants was represented on a cat walk with different glamorous gowns and lighting schemes in the colours of the soaps. The gowns were made by Wambui Kibue and Ogake Mosomi.

Here, in pictures, is how it went down.

Lux Blue

Lux wake me up. With refreshing mineral salts and sea weed for invigorated refreshed skin.

Lux Green

Lux shake me up – With refreshing mint and chilled cucumber for revitalized refreshed skin.

Lux Paint

Lux soft touch. With silk essence and floral infusions for noticeably soft skin.

Lux White

Lux soft caress. With silk essence and white flowers for noticeably smooth skin.

Lux cream

Lux velvet touch. With almond oil and opulent bouquet for noticeably velvety skin.

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