Everyone who creates a mobile app does so with a view to have as many downloads, sales and active users as possible. The highlight of a good mobile app is ease of use, fast loading speed and ease of navigation. Additional features that make an app friendly are low data usage, limited intrusiveness and having some features offline.

In a bid to make their user experience as pleasant and as fulfilling as possible, OLX has recently re-launched their mobile app to make it as functional and as user friendly as possible. The re-launched app is hedged on the latest android guidelines.

Having used the old app and now the new, I must admit that the improvements are quite clear to see and the experience much easier for the end user. I was looking for bedroom furnishings in Kilimani area and was able to get some pointers with just a few taps on my mobile phone and within seconds of embarking on my venture. The app has clearly market out categories, making navigation very easy and the pages loaded very fast. I thought the speed was attributable to the fact that I was browsing from a fast WiFi area but the new OLX app is also optimized for low connection areas. I was also seeking to sell off some of my items and submission of the same was simple and equally fast.

In a nutshell, here is an overview of the improvements on the OLX app.

  • Navigation on the old app was a bit complex and needed too much navigation. This has sufficiently been addressed in the new app with navigation being as easy as one two three.
  • One can now favourite ads without necessarily logging in. This feature is most useful for when a user sees some useful listings that they would like to have a look at but do not have time. They can save and favourite and look at them later. Another scenario where this come in handy is when a user likes several items and cannot immedialely decide on one and would like to consult with friends and make their minds later.
  • The app has a new and improved user tutorial, a feature that will certainly come in handy for first time users or for users who have not used the app for some time.
  • Users are also able to view images on full screen and even to zoom on them if they’d want to see finer details of items on sale. A user for example may want to inspect an item to make sure it has no damages before deciding to purchase it.
  • OLX understands their clients are to be found even in far flung areas where internet connection is a problem and have therefore seen to it that the re-launched app is optimized for slow connections.
  • Users can now post and manage ads without necessarily logging in or registering.

The OLX app is available on iOS, Android, Nokia and blackberry app stores.

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