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What Does Your Hairstyle Say About You?

by Femme Staff

Chantal-Biya HairI’ve had a short perm for as long as I can remember. I know they say change your hairstyle every few years but a short perm for several years now looks like my hair ever after and every time I want to change it I get confused and simply go for another retouch and trim. There are so many options when it comes to hair repertoire that my excuses are running short. In the meantime, what does my short perm say about me? Whatever science there is about hairstyles and personality, my personal story is that I’ve had mine for this long because it is non intrusive, easy to manage and I can interchange it between wash and go and styling.

So what does your hairstyle say about you?

Completely bald

Women with completely bald heads make a loud, strong statement. I dare say louder than women who have taken the time to tend to their tresses and style them. In a society that so strongly links a woman’s hair to her femininity, it takes a strong confident woman to go against the grain and cut hers all off. So, a bald head communicates a daring go-getter approach to life, one who does not give a hoot about conventional beliefs and cultures.


Relaxed hair is easy to style, easy to manage and usually needs quite a bit of care to keep it strong despite the chemicals. It does involve altering the chemical composition of natural hair and this, according to those against it is a failure on the woman’s part in embracing what nature gave her. The woman who keeps this kind of hair is seen to be structured, careful, and wants everything in place – including every hair strand.


Dreadlocks have hitherto been associated with rebels and alternative society. Breakaway cults, miscreants and people who were not in any serious mainstream careers. Even when they started getting mainstream, they were at first mostly taken up by men. Not any more. Dreadlocks are now not only mainstream among women of all walks of life but also quite stylish. They’re now associated with creative spirits like artists, musicians and writers but are also now to be found in corporate space. They generally come off as preferred by carefree women who are tired of salons but do not want to give up their natural hair.

Kinky hair

This is hair as it should arguably be. Advocates for this kind of hair argue that kinky hair is beautiful and should be left as is without being subjected to harsh chemicals, hot combs and tongs. Women who keep this style are a confident lot because we’re still pretty westernized as a society and this woman has decided to go against that particular grain and wear her hair natural. They’re bold beautiful free spirited women with nappy hair and they love it!

Braided Hair

Braids are for the woman who just wants to take a break from it all, be it natural or relaxed hair. This woman also wants to look stylish while at it and still maintain a happy go lucky up and go style. Depending on the colour of the braids, this style may signify an adventurous woman as some use daring colours that you wouldn’t otherwise find in the natural colour range. This is one patient woman as braids take a lot of time to get done and may sometimes involve several braiders working on the same head.

And then of course there is the woman who struts in loud boisterous hair that you can barely ignore. She’s there to grab attention and is quite easily the talk of the room, the compound and indeed the village and is usually unapologetic about it. These women are few and far between and are the epitome of self esteem.

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Shiku Ngigi August 22, 2014 - 9:22 am

I cannot argue with any of this. Well put! Although what then happens when you change your hair all the time, like we all do? Hmmm…

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