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Kenyan Celebrities’ Favourite Dishes

by Femme Staff
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This week I caught up with some of our local male celebrities to find out what their favorite dishes are – you know, the kind of food that they indulge in before going on stage/screen or the kind that makes a hard day at work bearable.


Kevin Maina, better known as K1 and more popular to the masses as ‘Makmende’ loves his pork chops. This did not come a surprise to me as pork is loved by all men…well, most men. When I asked him why this particular dish stood out for him all he had as a response was that the unhealthiest dishes taste the best! Image credit.

Blinky Bill

Blinky bill one third of Just a band enjoys his fish! He can eat it with just about anything but mostly enjoy his fish with Ugali. This is one chap who doesn’t take his Ugali for granted especially because he travels often and can’t find Ugali in foreign land. Image Credit.


You’ve known him since the days of mega rider and a few years later he is still wooing the ladies with his talent and memorable lyrics. Nameless, also known as David Mathenge enjoys a balanced diet that comprises of Ugali Sukuma and NyamaChoma. Nameless and his gorgeous wife Wahu just celebrated their 9th anniversary and we congratulate them and wish them many more years ahead. Image Credit.

Makori Paint

Unlike our super hero Makmende, the hunky host of E-curve better known as Michael Makori said that he is a bit of a health freak so he likes to keep his body lean by enjoying a plate of Ugali, chicken and Sukuma wiki. Aside from staying healthy, Michael says that this is the only meal that gives him complete satisfaction! Image Credit.

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