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Raise Money For Your Church Projects With OLX

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Picture this scenario. You have several church projects that you’d really like to take part in but do not immediately have the financial ability with which to offer your support. However, you have some items laying around unused in your house that you would be willing to readily part with to raise money for said projects. These items could be furniture, phones, electronics, pets and domestic animals, books, décor items, kitchenware, shoes and items of clothing among many others. These are items that just collect in the house over time without your noticing.

The concept of donating to the church in kind and then raising money from that is not new. Many will remember a mini auction that used to take place at the end of church services back in the day. Some churches especially those in the rural areas still make use of this method of giving back to the church. Under this system, church members who did not have the money to give as offering would bring whatever they had at home, mostly farm produce. The same would be sold to the congregation in auction style and at the end of the day, the person who offered the item will have as good as given a financial offering to the church.

Such a system would be difficult to replicate in the modern and especially urban churches especially because of the nature of the items that urbanite church goers would have to offer and the logistics of transporting some of these to the church. Not that they can’t. We’ve seen huge donations in kind to charities from church congregations but these are mostly in the form of clothing, shoes and toys. These come and leave for destined charities and so there is no trading as such. If, however, urbanite church goers were to be asked to physically bring the items to the church for sale, the church would end up looking like a full on garage sale every other Sunday. Say for example a member has a huge pile of building stones from which they would like to raise money to offer to a church project, this would not only be cumbersome but may also not be logistically possible to transport to church.

Good news. OLX can now enable you to raise money for your Church projects by selling unused items on their platform. This way you raise money without the items ever leaving the compound until they’ve been purchased. OLX does this by offering branded pledge books which the church members can use to pledge items and amounts to donate to particular projects. These amounts are then submitted to the church once the items have been sold on OLX. This OLX initiative which started in May 2014 has activated 80 churches around Nairobi. OLX has also appointed a total of 10 brand ambassadors who visit 20 churches every week. So there, there is now a new avenue for you to register for you to be able to take part in purchasing new tents canopies for your church’s outdoor programs. This is not exclusive to urban churches though. OLX is making inroads into far flung areas of the country and those too can take advantage of this very convenient method of making offerings to the church.

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