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What is the value of mentorship to a budding entrepreneur? I’d say it is absolutely priceless. The business and career world can look quite menacing to a new entrant, and even to seasoned and semi seasoned players since there is never an end to challenges. Many people with brilliant ideas peer into the business world, give it a few pokes, get scared and just coil back. With time, some of their ideas regrettably die, whereas a tip here and a guideline there would have saved the day and made a difference in that person’s life as well as in the wider economy. Mentors are people who have been there done that and know the possible pitfalls and how to get out of them. Most importantly, they know how not to fall into them in the first place and will guide a mentee around them.

So as a mentee,

  • Do you seek invaluable guidelines on how to navigate the treacherous waters that entrepreneurship can be?
  • Do you look up to people who have made it to the top of their fields and wish they could share their secrets?
  • Do you wish for someone to challenge you, push your boundaries and max your abilities?
  • Do you wish for someone to alert you of opportunities that crop up in your field of interest?
  • Do you wish for someone to help you foster your self discipline and hold you accountable?
  • Do you wish that someone could give you practical, as opposed to booksmart tips on business and entrepreneurship?
  • Do you want someone that could nurture you and eventually possibly let you into their contacts and networks?
  • Most of all, do you wonder where on earth to contact a mentor?

As a willing mentor,

  • Can you give a few minutes a week to help inspire a generation of future African entrepreneurs?
  • Were you mentored when starting out and would love nothing but to pay it forward and mentor someone?
  • Do you wish to hone your leadership skills?
  • Do you wish to affirm your professional competence?
  • Do you love the sheer satisfaction of molding a future leader and entrepreneur and watching them flourish?
  • Do you wish to learn some more? Yes you can learn from a mentee. There is always something to teach and something to learn.
  • Do you want to create a legacy in your field?
  • Do you wish to build a strong and long term career network?
  • Where can you connect with people seeking mentorship?

Mara Mentor

Mara Mentor is an online community that brings together mentors and mentees. It is a social networking platform but with a very specific purpose – bringing business mentorship closer home by having mentors and mentees together in a space geared towards entrepreneurship and business. In this day and age when the term ‘if it didn’t happen on the internet it didn’t happen’ is getting ever more realistic, and with internet penetration growing in leaps and bounds, it helps that Mara Mentor services are accessible online via website and mobile app. The mobile app and registration are free.

Mara Mentor has and is making inroads in Kenya and has already partnered with KCB, Office Of The President, National Youth Council and Safaricom among others. There are no restrictions to joining the network. “We are not exclusive to the youth and women. Anyone interested in business is welcome to join Mara Mentor. You can be a male over 50 who wants to change career path and start a business, Mara Mentor is the place to start”. Source.

Having a good mentor is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a young and growing career. Mentoring people can be a most satisfying endevour as you watch your protégé grow and make something of themselves under your leadership, combined with hard work on their part. In a mentor/mentee relationship, everyone wins!

For more on the working of Mara Mentor, visit their FAQ page.

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