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Decorating Your First House

by Femme Staff
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Turquoise-decor-3First published on Kejahunt.com

Finally you found that house you have been searching for and my wild guess is that you found it over at kejahunt. All excited, you move into the house and true to kejahunt’s credible information the house is as it appeared on the website. After unpacking, you sit down to admire your new residence. Yes, it looks good but there is something missing… decorating your first house.

Moving into a new place comes with the worry of what to add or get rid of in order to feel completely at home and to get the feeling you own the most awesome pad among your friends and family. No need to be modest. It’s not a bad thing to want to be at the top, it’s perfectly human.

Decide on what you need or like

Don’t let those external forces come into your decision making moments and push you to get stuff you don’t need or even like. We have that friend who loves Carpets with lots of red color on them and another who likes theirs blue, they should not have a say in this so ignore them and figure out what you need and like. Taking their advice sometimes can make you feel like you live at their place and not yours. Avoid feeling homeless!

Come up with a budget

After deciding on what you need and like, sit down and come up with the budget needed to get those items to make your home the best they have seen yet. Don’t be too extravagant, remember you may need to change something later and you will feel the pinch if you didn’t budget well the first time. Come up with a moderate budget that allows you to get what you need but, don’t be mean to yourself either so get good quality stuff.

Create a sketch of the house interior

Now that you know what you want to get and you have a budget to cater for the same, make a sketch of how you want the house to look with whatever items you are getting. You may not be the best at interior design so maybe in your budget you can include getting a qualified interior designer to assist you in making it the cool crib you have always imagined.

Pick a color

It’s good to have a color theme to make your house less confusing. Don’t have all the colors scattered everywhere. It’s not a nursery, unless you plan on making it a day care. Having one color to decorate your house spells out class and professionalism. Yes I said it if they ask who told you that.

Get measurements for the rooms

You don’t want to move your kitchen to the back yard because your new couch took the place of your fridge and oven. Get measurements of the rooms so as to assist you to get accessories that fit right. Make sure you have space to walk in. I’m sure you can’t float on air so as to move around: superman didn’t have brothers and sisters :-).

Avoid the urge to match

I might have mentioned that you pick a color scheme but I didn’t mean you match the items. Many fall into the trap of wanting to match up everything and end up making their house ridiculous. Bring out the adventurous you and avoid looking conservative and nerdy. Don’t stick to matching as it also makes it hard for you to stick to the budget and get stuff you wanted and needed.

So now I’m hoping that you have followed my steps and your new house looks incredible..No? Not yet? Well now that am done advising you please go ahead and implement. Call me for house warming I will make time to come see my… oh your creation.

Later alligator, got a thing to add?

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