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All New – Nivea In Shower Body Lotion

by Femme Staff
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Nivea In-showerIntroducing Nivea in-Shower body lotion.

First off I’ve never had a problem trusting nivea. Sure, I have at times been unable to use a few of their products for one reason or other – either that a cream is too heavy for my skin type, or a lotion or shower gel is too sweet in scent for my liking, but never because of inferior quality. You don’t become a global skincare leader for over 100 years by selling substandard anyway.

So when the fairly new Nivea in-shower body lotion came calling, I was more than curious to try it. Just like the next girl, I love new things that smell nice. I love new experiences, rich lotions and divine scents. I love healthy moisturized skin. All these go a long way in feeding my girly instincts and Nivea in-shower moisturizer ticked all the boxes.

Nivea In-shower StepsIn theory, using it is as simple as can be. Shower as normal, step out of the shower stream, apply the skin conditioning lotion all over your body and rub in, step back into the shower and rinse off and you’re ready to dress up and go! Yes, free to entirely skip the age old routine of leaving the bathroom to go moisturize in the bedroom as you get dressed. In practice however, it does take some getting used to and even more than a week in, as much as I’m well moisturized without additional lotion, I still can’t shake off the feeling that something is missing.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was a bit skeptical about the idea of an in shower body moisturizer. After all, it goes right against my hard wired morning routine of drying off my skin before applying lotions and moisturizers. I’ve had to drill it into myself that nivea in-shower body conditioner is neither a body wash nor a traditional lotion. In the first few days of using it I had to fight the urge to apply more lotion on top of the good job that the product already does. The active ingredients in this product are activated by water and absorbed immediately leaving soft sweet smelling skin. So despite all my skepticism, the product works!

I give nivea in shower body lotion ultimate kudos because it plays right into the all time most common skincare tip of moisturizing while the body is still wet for maximum benefit. More kudos for the ease with which one can now moisturize the whole body – something I’ve always honestly found tedious and many a times gotten tempted to only get lotion on the legs, arms, face and boobies.

I was also worried that continued use would leave a slippery residue in the bathroom but there’s none of that. It easily rinses right off the bathroom floor. Like it was never there.

Convenience, ease of use and time saving – something every modern woman could use a bit of. And kudos for innovation! Nivea in-shower body lotion is certainly worth the while. And the money. Nivea in-shower body lotion is available in Nakumatt and Chandarana supermarkets for Kshs.520/- for 250ml.

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