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Pros And Cons Of Media House Promotions

by Femme Staff


Every once in a while corporate bodies and other businesses run promotions and competitions that could well spell the end of poverty, or at least the end of an immediate financial problem for the winners. The public is usually only too willing to participate because there is the very real albeit statistically distant chance that one could land on the windfall that will unlock their lives forever depending of course on the monetary value of the win and also on how the winner makes use of it.

Some winners have been known to change their lives for the better with just a win – to clear school fees arrears, dent a mortgage or complete the family house. As such, trying one’s luck in these promotions can be a huge advantage to the eventual lucky winners. Of course there is the reckless oddball who blows all his/her winnings on debauchery and has nothing to show for it a few weeks or months down the line. While it is ok to treat oneself to a little luxury to celebrate the win, spending nights out and burning money that could otherwise be put to better use is hardly the way to go.

Winnings are not always in cash but can sometimes be in kind. Like in the recently concluded ‘ni kusoma na kudrive’ promotion from Nation Media, the prizes were 10 Nissan Pick- Ups, 100 smart phones, 6 months Daily Nation subscription for 20 lucky winners and cash prizes of Kshs.5,000/- each for 500 lucky winners. Whichever way you look at it, each of the prizes that are not hard cash can be converted into some monetary gains by the winner who can then opt to make investments to improve their lives and those of their families.

The media houses are the main winners in these promotions as they of course registers huge publicity and a bump in sales during the contest period. This is so because it is always a requirement that participants spend some money on media products in order to be eligible for wins. The media houses also get to interact with their audience on a level that is outside of the stiff business of pushing products for sale. This they do mostly during grand draws where there is usually entertainment and other activities to mark the event. This way, they get to promote local artistes and economies as a whole, as well as generally bring life to different areas of the country.

The media houses are of course left with a host of sour losers who harbor negativity towards the brand but these ones eventually get over it and get back to being customers again.

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