Wallpaper ChickenThe middle of the month all the way through to the end is a trying time for many, mostly because your needs and wants are measured against how much you can spend until your next pay check. I don’t know about you but I’m always negotiating with myself on what is or isn’t a priority so that I don’t go completely broke before the end of the month.

One thing that will always be a priority is having a meal; regardless of whether or not your funds are sufficient, your health and your general productivity in the work place is partly dependent on what you eat. Because of this, hellofood has lined up 7 restaurants that have great food at pocket-friendly prices.

1. Deluxe Fruits

Fruits are a great lunchtime meal, especially if you want to remain alert for the rest of the day without the heavy feeling of sleep that often comes after a big meal. At Deluxe fruits you can get a variety of the best imported fruits like grapes, pink lady apples and mandarins or local fruits like sweet bananas, pineapples or apple mangoes.

*Imported fruits range from Ksh 170 – 565

*Local fruits range from Ksh 120 – 160

2. New Maisha

From this restaurant you can enjoy meals that are listed under ‘Best Sellers’. From your ugali managu to pilau with salad or ndengu and chapati, there is something for everyone. They also have a great breakfast menus that serve combo dishes such as tea, mandazi 2 eggs and sausage.

*Breakfast ranges from Ksh 30- 150 (beverage not included)

*‘Best Sellers’ Lunch ranges from Ksh 120 – 230

3. Crave

Fries and burgers are one of the most popular meals worldwide. Thankfully, you don’t have to break the bank trying to get this popular meal from the bigger chain establishments in the middle of the month; at Crave the juicy burgers are served with fries and their portions are reasonable, so satisfaction is guaranteed.

Burgers and fries range from Ksh 350 – 500

4. Kwetu Cafe

This is another gem that offers great African dishes like githeri, matoke, rice, beef, fish, kunde and many more local delicacies. And to hoard off the cold and rainy weather, this restaurant also has a menu for special blended tea and juices if you’re looking for a hot or cold beverage to go along with your meal

*Main meals range from Ksh 130 – 270

*Teas or juices range from Ksh 60 – 140

5. Absolute Juice

Absolute juice makes sandwiches with fillings of your choice that include delicious spreads like mayonnaise, mustard, butter, chutney or pickles. They also have a variety of pure juice, made from the more rare fruits like melons, tangerine and strawberry juice. Or if you’d like to be creative, you can create a juice of your own using 3 fruits that are available.

Sandwiches range from Ksh 250 – 480

Juices rang from Ksh 140 – 350

6. Visa Place

Listed on the menu under the name ‘The African pot’, you will find a variety of meats such as gizzards, goat cutlets, pork chops as well as lamb chops. All these proteins are served with either chips, ugali, chapati, rice, roast potato kienyeji or vegetables of the season. Alternatively if you are a big group of people at the office or at home then you can order a platter a split the costs.

Meals ‘The African Pot’ dishes range from Ksh 330- 550

Accompaniments range from Ksh 70 – 130

7. Palm Cafe

Palm Café has a variety of salads served with French fries and a choice of coleslaw, garden salad or kachumbari. They also have great less conventional foods such as sweetcorn. If you prefer the more classic sandwiches then you could try the club sandwich or a sandwich with bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.

Salads start from Ksh 450

Sandwiches start from Ksh 500

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