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Home Decor Shopping At OLX

by Femme Staff
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I love home décor and have often times spent hours window shopping especially online. But in the past I’ve mostly just stared at these items more to get ideas for possible replication than with a mind to actually make purchases because they’re in overseas shops and I’m not keen on the extra hurdle that is shipping. A lot of times when I admire décor items online I keep wishing they were within immediate reach. And that is how I came to decide to do a serious and specific hunt for home décor stuff on OLX. The one happy running thought on my mind as I scouted around for items was how easily I could just buy what I liked and have it as soon as the following day.

I’ve recently moved houses and I had my eyes open for functional as well as decorative items on sale. For this shopping expedition, my particular interest was flower vases but I figured it would not hurt to look at other decor items on offer while at it. It is with this in mind that when I got to the OLX site, I went straight to the Home-Garden-Furniture category. I was not ready to buy anything yet, but rather went with an aim to give myself an education about the general items that can be found for purchase. Window shopping if you may. This education will also come in handy when I finally settle into the new place and want to part with a few things that may not fit in as well as they fitted in the previous house.

Like every other girl on a shopping trip, I soon lost focus and went way beyond the home décor and appliances category and even found myself looking at shoes, handbags, pretty dresses, as well as children’s wear which I could grab for my nieces’ and nephews’ Christmas presents. But I did finally muster the discipline to stick to the business of the day, which was to find some tall beautiful flower vases. I found enough of these in a wide variety of materials from wood, ceramic, glass and stone among others. Price ranges are from as low as Kshs.500/- for small simple ones to Kshs.6,500/- for bigger and more sophisticated ones. These are firmly in my budget to be purchased as soon as the next paycheck comes in. I was also pleasantly surprised to find some unique candle stands that complement each other with the vases.

Going through the site, you do get the feeling that OLX is indeed for everyone and I think that is what has endeared it so much to users. Right in the midst of cookers and fridges worth tens of thousands is a good old shoe brush going for Kshs.100/- I also came across garden fresh tomatoes, spinach, as well as strawberry seedlings among other fresh produce goods. All in all, OLX is a vibrant and all inclusive market place where anyone can transact anything within reason and most importantly, within the law.

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Pineconeshelf - Kenyan home decor October 7, 2015 - 1:26 pm

Olx can really be helpful sometimes.

I have had customers turned very good friends and refferers from olx

If only we had more online home decor shopping options..

xx Wangu


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