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Shopping Early For Christmas

by Femme Staff
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The festive season is with us again. A time to meet, have fun, share and bond with family. Christmas is the time to shop for personal gifts as well as for loved ones. The one thing that most of my family and I have been obsessed with over time is fragrance and it has always been a tradition to get one another new fragrances to try out. Over the years however, we have unfortunately slackened on this delightful habit and this year, I feel I should revive it.

This time round I want to use the OLX platform to shop for fragrances to gift my family and I. I’ve already identified an OLX link with grand end year discounts on perfumes and I intend to take full advantage of this. With a bottle going for Kshs.3,800/- these are good deals and all I need is to ascertain that the products are of genuine quality and I’ll be ready to purchase. Searching for the perfumes on OLX has been as easy as they come as all I had to do was search for perfumes/designer perfumes. Nothing like shopping early for Christmas and from the comfort of my desk. In the meantime I’m having a field day creating a dream list in my head and assigning what perfume to gift who.

Be delicious BlossomMy oldest sister has never understood my obsession with fragrances and I’ve never understood her lack of it. What’s not to love about all the goodness of perfume? All the same I hope to get her Be Delicious Fresh Blossom by DKNY. For someone who does not give that much weight to fragrance, I think this is a safe choice.


For my mum I want to look for Cerutti 1881. A powdery sweetness with a softness that only befits my mother’s loving care, now and as we were growing up. Like my mother, Cerutti is subtle but with an enduring power – characteristics that aptly fit in with her persona.

DieselI hope to get Diesel for my hunk of a brother. My only brother from whom I unwittingly learned all my tom boy tendencies. My brother has always been protective of his little sister and has never once stopped these tendencies even when I’ve grown up. I love the packaging on diesel. So masculine and bad ass.

Eternity Calvin Klein

Eternity Calvin Klein – Something slightly stronger for my ever dominant sister who has never had time for subtleness. She walks into a place and owns it with her strong presence and spicy choice of perfumes to boot. My sister has always claimed that Eternity smells like life. Just as well. She’s always the life of the party anyway.

JadoreI’ll try J’adore for myself, not for anything but for the fact that I’m very experimental with fragrances and for some strange reason Ive never tried this one. I can’t explain that even to myself seeing that I’m always buying one perfume or other. Besides, I’m almost sure I can’t go wrong with Christian Dior.

I’m hoping to get all my dream list from OLX so I can simplify the process and cut my shopping time.This is not cast in stone though so I can always switch up what I may not find with other perfumes available on OLX that I might not have thought of.

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