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Kenyans have in the recent past taken their place in the drinking world and everyone has an opinion about what they take and why. Whisky takes the lead hence the Love Whisky Festival that commenced in November and took Nairobi by storm! Fairmount pioneered, Rumours happened, Mojos happened, Psys defined love whiskey all over again and now, we are talking THE LAST love whiskey festival at slims.

Slims Restaurant is the place to be this Saturday 13th December. Our little Kenyan Scotland. It’s time to keep walking with the King of Whisky. I know the Irish claim true inventors of the spirit but you and I know nothing would trade for walker whisky by the Scottish.

This time round, we are going Gold…no don’t get freaked out by the sleekness of it. Johnie walker Gold Label Reserve promises to take you for a ride you don’t want to come back from; Pure indulgence. The full flavoured blended whisky is specifically created for a moment of genuine celebration. You don’t want to miss out!

cocktail_glass-wideGold reserve is all round. The rocks being the most popular, you are in for a surprise how the beautifully balanced scotch will work your night with cocktails out of this world. We are talking Johnie Ginger, Golden Delicious, Peach Cobbler, Alexander Collins and much more to rock your night. They will retail from as low as Ksh450. You have to save Saturday for this.

On the decks will be DJ Tohnny OK. Be sure to have great jams as you interact with the cool ambiance of Slims and extraordinary crowd. Appetizers are in order at economy friendly prices. Let’s toast to the night!


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