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Pad Heaven. Menstrual & Reproductive Health For Young Girls #what200cando

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Pad Heaven

With a myriad of changes both physical and psychological taking place in their bodies, puberty can be quite a confusing time for young girls. It is important that girls going through this period of their lives are not left to deal with the changes amid myths taboos, and negative cultural attitudes that often plague this subject, particularly menstruation. There is information offered in the school curriculum alight but that is not nearly informative enough and is often brief and rushed as the system has other topics to cover in the set curriculum. Besides, the education may come too late for girls whose biological functions catch up with them before they get to the classes that teach the subject. Yet, information is the one thing that can really come through to empower these girls as they go through this life changing time.

It is in the light of this that the organization Pad Heaven has started a campaign dubbed #what200cando to raise funds to publish a booklet on menstruation and sexual health in general. Pad Heaven which operates under the motto “keeping girls in class one pad at a time” has for the last three years been distributing free pads and panties to young girls especially in schools. It is in the course of this work that the organization learnt that other than lacking pads and panties, young girls were also lacking full and deeper information about menstruation and sexual health as a whole.

The organization has therefore come up with the initiative to publish booklets loaded with information about menstruation, sexual reproductive health and HIV/AIDS among other topics. The booklets which are to be published under the initiative “Path To Womanhood” are aimed to be distributed free of charge to school going girls aged between 9 and 14 years. They can however also benefit their parents, guardians and teachers. Here is what the booklet initiative aims to do:

  • To describe the changes that takes places in young girls during puberty
  • To explain what menstruation is and why it happens.
  • To Provide tips on correct sanitary pads usage and disposal
  • To Provide information on pain management during menstruation
  • To provide tips on personal hygiene
  • Tips to boost self esteem
  • Information on HIV and Aids
  • Frequently asked Questions regarding menstruation

This is an initiative that needs and deserves your help. To take part, all you have to do is spare Kshs.200/- and donate via Mpesa Number 0711919177. Also, you can help the course by raising awareness about it on social media under the hashtag #what200cando. Ask your friends to join in too. We can all play a part in helping young girls understand their bodies as they grow up.

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