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In Pictures – Tribe Hotel Nairobi

by Femme Staff
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Every once in a while you visit a place whose beauty does not leave your mind in a long time. One such place for me was the Tribe Hotel at village market Gigiri area. The rich art that is to be found in every corner made quite an impression on me. Also, I got the feeling that Tribe does not have that clinical air that a lot of hotels have, but rather a welcoming warmth. I still keep a number of pics of the place in my gallery and here are a few.

Wall of Art. Tribe Hotel Paint

A wall of art along one of the corridors.

Tribe Hotel Round SeatsRow of cute seats at the entrance of the rooftop bar, The Nest.

Open Sesame. Tribe Hotel.There is beauty even where you do not expect it. This beautiful door is outside near the pool area. Tribal Art Tribe HotelGuardians of the land.

Tribal Art Lamp PaintA well guarded lampshade in one of the corners.

Tribe Hotel Bar Stools PaintInteresting bar stools at the rooftop bar ‘The Nest’

One Planet One Tribe PaintGraffiti at the fitness center. Tribe Hotels motto ‘One Planet One Tribe’.

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