Young Freddie Capture

Designs by young Kenyan designer Young Freddie.

Creativity and hard work can, and has often pulled people out of possible poverty and despair into making a sustained living. Take the case of Sharon Nyambane for example, a game changer who lives by the simple motto, ‘put into practice what you learn’. After participating in women group empowerment program in Gesonso, Kisii County, Sharon now makes a living off selling her own art crafts. After enrolling in the program three years ago, she has now gained skills and knowledge that have given her access to the economic opportunity she deserves.

Sharon learned from a fellow group member how to make bags, wallets, mobile phone holders and hats for sale. She often created the designs from recycled plastic bags. She is now a successful business woman with a steady income – an economically empowered woman who is also sharing her knowledge with other members of her community, thus breaking the cycle of poverty by empowering other women to transform their livelihoods. Sharon does surely deserve the tag ‘game-changer’.

It is with people like Sharon and many others in different fields in mind that Airtel and UP Magazine have partnered to launch a one of a kind award ceremony dubbed Design Thinking or Disruption by Design (DXD). The award aims to highlight and reward the creativity of Kenyans whose unique skills and expertise have helped to positively impact our society. Submissions are welcome in the following fields of design:

  • Architecture design
  • Communication design
  • Fashion design
  • Interior design
  • Interactive Design- focusing on web design,
  • gaming and mobile interfaces,
  • Tech Design,
  • Product Design- useful human based designs that improve life,
  • Green Design- Covering de­signs that improve or enhance the environment.           

The selection criteria for all of the awards are excellence, innovation, and enhancement of the quality of life. Individual candidates must be citizens or long-term residents of Kenya and have been practicing de­sign for at least three years. Corporations and institutions must have their headquar­ters in Kenya. Honorees are selected for a body of realized work, not for any one specific project.

Submissions and entries, nominations and winners will be picked three months be­fore the scheduled gala night event date in November this year. Submissions will be due and vetted three months prior to this date.  Submissions and entries will close on August 31st 2015 , with nominations picked before the November event and the winners announced during the event.

Airtel and Up Magazine are launching this initiative today at the Nailab. Below are the details. Attend if you can.

What: Launch of Design by disruption by Airtel and Up Magazine
Speakers: Nathan Masyuko-NexGen, Sapna Chandaria-UP Magazine, Marion Wanyoike- Airtel Kenya and Rand Pearson- UP Magazine
Moderator: Robert Kunga
When: Today, Thursday, 5th February 2015
Where: Nailab, 4th Floor Bishop Magua Centre, George Padmore Lane (Opposite Uchumi Ngong Road).
Time: 6pm

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