ChocolateChocolate, chocolate, chocolate. If ever there was a time that you can indulge in chocolate more than any other day of the year than it should be Valentine’s Day. There are several reasons why chocolate is more popular on this day of love and according to science, chocolate and love exude the same kind of emotion in your mind, that is, chocolate mimics the feeling of being in love.

Because of this pleasurable feeling that both chocolate and love can give, hellofood collected some facts about chocolate that might change your perspective about consuming the sweets this Valentine’s. “How so?” you might ask. Well for one, the feeling of chocolate melting in your mouth can cause a longer-lasting pleasure than kissing would. How enlightening and I dare say comforting this piece of information should be especially for those who would have liked to have a date on Valentine’s Day but for one reason or another, things did not turn out that way. It may not be the best substitute for having a date, but it sure can be a yummy one!

Ladies, among all the things that give your skin that extra glow, have you ever considered dark chocolate? No? Well, here’s a reason why maybe you should. Dark chocolate is said to contain flavonoids, which are natural antioxidants. This means that chocolate indirectly helps fight toxins and in doing so, chocolate can contribute to giving your skin that extra spark. This Valentine’s why not try a home-made chocolate facial mask that you can make using cocoa powder and plain yogurt. Also if you accidentally lick your face then you know it will taste delicious!

For those of you, who are taking your loved one out for a Valentine’s date, old or new love – both of you may be filled with nerves from here to Rome. Well, don’t fret, because it turns out that the scent of chocolate alone increases theta brain waves which induces relaxation. Theta state is the state of very deep relaxation and if the scent alone of chocolate is able to do this for you, I would encourage you to surround yourself with some scented chocolate candles, indulge in a chocolate bar and enjoy a facial mask just before your date – so that you can inhale enough chocolate to put you in a mood of relaxation and to attain enough confidence to make your time with your loved one much more enjoyable.

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