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The Power Of Power Naps

by Femme Staff
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Feeling tired, sleepy and just about done with the day yet its only lunch time? Do not reach for caffeine or even an ice cold drink as we get tempted to do to counter the mid-day slump in our workdays. Discover the power of power naps instead and find ways to fit them into your day.

Many may take napping as laziness and a waste of precious business time but it is anything but. Well planned nap times will actually clear your thinking, improve concentration, increase alertness, enhance creativity, improve memory and reduce stress. I can’t think of anything more vital for a day full of meetings and presentations than a reboot of the brain.

Nap times have different effects on different people but in general, 10-20 minutes is ideal. Taking longer naps puts you at risk of a hangover like grogginess that can last upto half an hour. This obviously negates the benefits of the nap itself and certainly does not auger well in a work day. The recommended 10-20 minute power nap will hardly mess with your to do list for the day. If anything, it should be in that to do list in the first place.

In some parts of the world, afternoon siestas are a way of life. Some of the most successful people have attributed their productivity to taking 15 minutes in the course of the day to take a nap.

So go ahead, for better productivity and less cranky afternoons, slot in some few minutes for a power nap. This is bound to have you raring to go even on slow afternoons.

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