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Bush and Beach: Your Best Bets for a Relaxing Easter Weekend.

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For the years that it has been celebrated, Easter is a time for family, friends and much. It’s a time to sit back, relax and forget the worries of the months gone and celebrate in the tidings of the New Year. Whether your description of “fun and refreshing” is a lazy afternoon sunbathing along East Africa’s pristine beaches or an adrenaline pumping moments up the snow-capped mountains in the region, Jovago brings you a couple of good bets that will not let you down come the Easter weekend.

Diving in Diani, Kenya

Diani has always been a favorite. Voted Best African Beach in the last World Travel Awards, its pristine white sands and sun kissed coral are the perfect location to ease off the fatigue gathered from the first quarter. Diani is located 30 kilometers south of the Kenyan coastal town of Mombasa. The beach is quite popular for water sporting activities. The stretch of tranquil white waters, soft and clean sands, as well as many luxurious and well services waterfront accommodation makes Diani a perfect location for unforgettable Easter memories.

Surfing in Vilankulos, Mozambique

One of the islands in the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique, Vilankulos is an ideal spot for the surfing enthusiast as it is renowned for the right knots and glassy waist-deep waters. The best part of this exclusive Easter experience is that anyone; both the beginner and the professional can indulge in the waves as there are enough qualified instructors and clubs which provide well maintained equipment for hire. In itself, Vilankulos is a dazzling jewel that offers perfect refreshment and relaxation away from the daily routine. Try dhow sailing, snorkeling and deep sea fishing as part of the weekend activities

Rafting in the River Nile- Jinja, Uganda

This is probably reserved for holiday makers looking for an adrenaline rush to get them through the long weekend. The spectacular waters are home to some of the world’s finest rafting adventure on the longest river on the face of the earth. Just a few minutes away from its gentle source in Lake Victoria, the Nile breaks into a roar and gathers momentum between the numerous fierce rapids along the densely forested islands, waking in its trail, a sense of wonder and adventure.You can combine this experience with other activities such as kayaking, bungee jumping, dinner cruise or game viewing from the banks of the Nile.

Family Fun-time in Zanzibar

If relaxing with family, perhaps Zanzibar is your best bet. The catch in one of East Africa’s oldest settlements is in its ease of accessibility to Tanzani’as main party – Dar es Salaam. Apart from lazy hours whiled away listening to the breaking waves and the ocean breeze, a tour of Pemba Island, once the world leading clove producer and a sight-seeing at the historical Stone town will make a fresh and very educative trip for school-going children. Features to explore include the House of wonders, time-old mosques, cathedrals and museum. Snorkeling, fishing expeditions and sunset cruises will do great in spicing up the Easter experience.

Curling Up in Cape Maclear – Malawi

Right in the heart of Malawi, Cape Maclear catapults the phrase “the warm heart of Africa” to a whole different level. This term, a fond reference to the Malawian people due to their warmth and friendliness conjures visions of warm, relaxing and refreshing holiday memories as experienced on the stretches of powder-fine sands. Cape Maclear is also said to be a haven for water sport lovers who can indulge in activities such as sailing and diving.

Indulge in “The Taste of Our Diversity” at the Lamu Festival!

This Easter, the old town of Lamu has yet another exhilarating experience for the foodies and the culture enthusiast. The inaugural 2015 Food Expo and Festival is a great weekend hang out, bringing together hundreds of local as well as international tourists. You can schedule fascinating trips to explore the natural beauty of the city as well as new upcoming luxurious beach resorts such as the world renowned The Majlis Resort

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