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Why You Should Attend The East African Digital Marketing Summit

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Digital FairHaving a thorough knowledge of the digital landscape is not a matter of choice any more. To retain relevance in the business world, this is a must. So is having solid networks with other players in the digital ecosystem. These crucial benefits are the agenda of the East African Digital Marketing Summit that will be held at KICC on 9th – 10th April.

The East African Digital Summit is an annual event designed to bring together key players in the digital Marketing space from the East African region and beyond, with an aim to bring together providers of different products and services so they can showcase the latest digital trends and engage marketers from different companies.

Bloggers Association of Kenya will be participating in the fair as a media partner. The CEO of the Digital Fair Mr. Martin Muli acknowledges that the growth of blogs in the country has immensely impacted organizations as well as individuals and cannot be underestimated in bringing out the creative spirits and playing a big part in effective digital marketing solutions.

You are encouraged to be there for the following benefits:

Networks and new leads cannot be underestimated in any business and attending the East Africa Digital Marketing Summit is one sure way of meeting industry players in the ICT sector and making important business leads with whom you can follow up later and close sales. After all, many of the exhibitors at the fair will be decision makers.

You will get to know what is going on in different areas of the digital world and bench mark your own activities by that. This is free feedback that will help you know what areas to improve, and what outdated practices to stop wasting time on.

You will get to understand global trends in technology and digital marketing. Understanding global trends is crucial for any individual or brand because these will eventually trickle down to our environment.

Over 50 companies will be exhibiting and visitors will be able to learn the different digital products and services available all under one roof. The alternative would have to be to visit these offices and what a near impossible feat that would be! While companies will be able to actively engage visitors and explain their products and services, you as a visitor will be able to ask questions and get instant answers. You will also stand at an advantage to give your feedback and any complaints or compliments you may have direct to the company.

You will get to acquire new ideas that will help you stay ahead of your peers as well as your competition in your business.

The digital fair will be free for walk-ins visiting the stalls but to be able to access the full fair including the sessions with speakers, then you will need to register and you can do so here.

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