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Anne Waiguru To Attend Launch Of African Photo Magazine

by Femme Staff

African Photo AnnouncementThis coming Thursday, Bloggers Association of Kenya will be hosting House of Fotography as they launch the African Photo Magazine, a quarterly digital publication that seeks to capture the new voices that are evident in the field of photography in the African continent. The event will be at The Nailab and in a strong show of support from Government, Anne Waiguru, the Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Planning and Devolution will be in attendance as the special guest. This kind of support is quite the boost that this still young industry needs.

Photography has come a long way since the days when black and white photos were all that the past generations could get. Photos at that time, and indeed upto more recent times, could mostly only be taken by commercial photographers who we revered as the people who captured and immortalized our memories on print. Photography as a field has since progressed to a point where our memories can now be captured and stored digitally.

African photography in particular started its journey not too long after the invention of the art form in Europe in the mid-1800’s. What however, made photography in Africa so unique was that the early practitioners were not African and neither was the subject matter being produced done for the local African audience. However, in the last decade or so, the sleeping giant has awoken! There is a new wind sweeping the continent, and the world of photography is not being left behind. Our African brothers and sisters are taking the reigns over what they consider to be their voice, their face, their lives. African photographers are now behind the lens and telling their own story!

Africa Photo Magazine is to be a collaborative endeavour with various industry practitioners contributing to each quarterly digital issue. Key to this effort is support from the Ministry of Planning and Devolution whose aim is to set a firm foundation for the growth of this young industry. This digital publication is one such avenue.

You are invited to register and be part of the launch of the inaugural issue of the African Photo Magazine, and to meet the forward thinking brains behind it.

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