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We love food. We love food so much that the internet is overflowing with images of healthy food, junk food, fast food and well… all things edible!

Whether it’s a meal that you’re enjoying in a restaurant, a meal you’ve prepared from scratch or something you’ve ordered in, foodies all over are able to share pictures of their dishes with others online. And not only that, you can now source for trending food patterns online through the use of hashtags; these are un-spaced words that begin with the hash character to form a label. In the foodie community, hashtags are a fun way for all food lovers to communicate and share in the wonderful delicacies that they enjoy. Hellofood have listed some of the most popular food hashtags online.


This is a general term that refers to food that is displayed in abundance. It is most likely laid out in an attractive manner and in very large quantities mostly for special occasions like parties, gatherings at home, weddings and so on.


A Foodie basically refers to a person who’s taken a special interest in food and is actively seeking new food experiences. Eating seems to be an activity of enjoyment for many and because of this, it’s no surprise that #foodie ranks amongst the top food hashtags.


In most cases you may not be paying attention but the sound you make when you are enjoying your food sounds something like ‘nomnom’. This sound was further popularized by Sesame Street’s loveable puppet character, cookie monster who was known to make this sound whenever he ate cookies.


Because many people are consciously becoming more aware of what they eat and pursuing healthier lifestyles, one of the ways they are doing this is by experimenting on healthier meals that exclude meat and other high- calorie products. This would make #vegetarian another popular food hashtags


Eating in between meals is known as snacking and it’s a perfect excuse to nibble food in small portions. A snack could vary from junk food to a fruit or even a light meal to keep your energy levels high. Depending on what you’re snacking on, this habit can have either a positive or negative effect on your general physical health.

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