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Best Jeans For Your Body Type

by Femme Staff

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First of all let’s celebrate the versatility of jeans. Jeans in all types and colours are the one type of clothing you’re likely to find in just about every wardrobe. You can dress them up, dress them down, wear them to the office, sporting event, family events etc. You can get away with pairing them with so many different types of tops and shoes.

The woman’s body is a work of art and body shapes are dramatically different the world over but they can be broken down into three very broad categories. Whatever your body type, you can work a look that looks chic and flattering by playing around with tops, shoes and accessories.

Apple shape

Apple shaped women are top heavy and smaller from the waist down. The priority when dressing this type of body is to downplay the upper body and flatter the bottom half. When it comes to jeans, this can be done by playing with both colour and cut of the jeans. Fade, embellishments or any detail below the knee will work well since they draw the eye down.

The most common problem for apple shaped women when shopping is that a lot of jeans that fit their waists are usually too big at the hips. The best kind of jeans for this body shape is the boot cut. They will usually either be low or high waist and fitting is the only way to know the best style. They’re cut to flare from the knee down, therefore balancing the figure because they have a wider bottom. They are best with a fitted top. They will go well with high heels, sneakers and short boots.

Pear Shape

A pear shaped woman will have a smaller upper body and bigger thighs, hips and waist. When shopping for jeans, a pear shape body type is not as challenging as the apple but they do have their fair share of problems too, one of them being that a lot of jeans that fit snugly at the hips will be too big at the waist. Hipster jean, which are basically jeans with a low waistline are good for this figure, though care should be taken not to have the waist so low that the underwear is exposed. You should still be able to retain your dignity when sitting down or when something falls and you have to bend to pick it.

When dressing the pear shaped woman, the aim is to take away emphasis from the thighs and hips. T-shirts, long shirts and flirty blouses will all look good paired with low rise jeans but they should be long enough to minimize the possibility of indecent exposure.

Athletic/boyish shape

Although skinny jeans will look good on any body shape and type, they’re a good friend to the woman with an athletic body type because they accentuate the hips and show off the length of the legs. A good pair of skinny jeans should be body hugging but comfortable. To be sure that the jeans fit properly and will be comfortable, it is not enough just to wear them. Try walking around, sitting and bending over. You should be able to do all this without the jeans feeling uncomfortably tight.

Skinny jeans are form fitting all the way down to the ankle so they look good paired with tunics as well as billowy tops. They are particularly good for tucking into boots – be they flat or high heeled boots. Sandals and ballet flats too will go well too depending on the occasion.

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