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Strutting In Sky High Heels

by Femme Staff
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HeelsI’m sure you have all seen those crazy vines of beautiful ladies trying to walk in heels and failing miserably. In their bid to look sexy in that sky scraper heel, they end up embarrassing themselves when walking gets difficult and they wobble around, some even hitting the floor. But heels are here to stay and a lot of women feel extra sexy and confident in them. And as renowned actress Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”.

It is quite amazing how we girls just go gaga when we see a good pair of heels. That feeling has since been christened ‘shoegasm’ but given the nature of heels and their effect on natural posture, it is no surprise that not all of us are experts in walking in them. Heels can go well with anything – jeans, evening wear, and even a sexy lingerie for a kinky night at home. But the question is, how can we walk gracefully in them?

Buy the right size

First things first, it is quite important that you buy well fitting heels. By fitting we mean a shoe that is snug – not too small that it pinches your feet or too big that it has you wobbling as you counter the extra space. After purchasing the right size of heels, practice to wear them indoors for both safety and freedom to teeter around without the embarrassment of having an audience of strangers as is the case on the streets. You’re also likely to have a friendly surface at home on which to practice.

Use Heel to toe technique

The worst a heel amateur can ever do is put the whole foot down at once as though you are wearing a ballet shoe. Try to put your heel first to touch the ground then the toe so as to create a more natural look and avoid looking like you’re falling forward.

Take small steps

This is the only time in your life that you are allowed to take baby steps, and cautious ones at that. This is so as to emphasize a natural look and create balance when walking on unstable surfaces.

Take it slow

This basically means avoid rushing while walking. You have to create ample time when leaving the house to avoid a rush situation in the streets since if you try to rush, it can greatly increase your chances of tripping and falling.

Lean back

While walking, lean back slightly so as to counteract the forward inclination that heels give you. Heels are generally known to cause backaches and sometimes serious back issues but this will cushion you to an extent from the same.

Imagine walking in a straight line

The best way to achieve a sway in your style while walking in heels is to always imagine yourself walking in a straight line. Always ensure that one foot comes directly in front of the other.

Practice to stand in heels

The best way to stay balanced while standing in heels is when the heel of one foot is touching the middle of the other foot . This can also be termed as the duck-like posture.

Given that the heels we so love already have bad rap in terms of health and posture, it is important that we learn to wear them as health wise as possible.

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