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All about mindless eating …And some great facts about popcorn

by Femme Staff
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Pop CornThe rainy season is here in Nairobi and it is the perfect weather to sit back and enjoy a marathon of movies. Now, we’re all familiar with the thrill that comes from watching a movie either at the cinema or better still, watching movies from the comfort of your home; both places are enjoyable to be in as long as you’ve got the right movie and the right snack.

The most popular snack for movie time is popcorn, it’s simple, it’s yummy and it’s oh so addictive.

Despite its popularity now, in the early 1900’s popcorn was strictly not allowed in the cinemas. The reason for this was that movie theaters were specifically designed to attract a ‘bourgeois’ audience and popcorn was considered a ‘class-less’ snack – it’s messy, spills all over the floor and the noise people make while enjoying it was anything but sophisticated.

Step into the 21st century and thankfully things have changed – popcorn is so synonymous with movies that it’s hard to imagine the two of them apart! The general consumption of popcorn is one that we as foodies have taken special interest in!

It is said that we get so engrossed when we watch movies that for the most part our minds have no idea what our mouths are doing! Say for example, you choose to watch the fast and furious VS a romantic comedy with Camron Diaz, you’re more likely to eat a lot more during fast & furious because your mind is completely immersed in the action of the movie than it would be in a romantic, average one.

The same goes for movies that are emotionally draining (and slightly depressing) Research shows that you’re likely to binge a whole lot more if the movie is of less cheer because your body will not detect how much it is consuming especially when your emotions are heightened.

Notwithstanding, popcorn is considered a much healthier snack because it contains more protein than any other cereal grain, has more iron than eggs or roast beef and has more fiber than crisps! So you don’t have to worry too much about how much popcorn you eat the next time you watch a movie however,all things in moderation is a good eating principle to live by!

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