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Best Gift Guide for the Traveling Mum

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HatMother’s day is around the corner and the ever-present and nurturing mom is ready for an escape of her lifetime. We all admit that it is well deserved and as an extra cream-on-the serving, why not make her trip even more memorable with a charming gift, a practical app or a stress-free gadget to save her some energy? Here is a list of little ideas from Jovago that will make mum’s trip one big and unforgettable deal.

Every Mom: Packable Sun Protection Hat

Mum has booked her trip and is all ready and looking forward to the vacation. The best thing to get her is that one hat that will allow her to lose herself in the holiday without losing her sparkle! The hat is made of a special sun protection fabric with a UPF rating and a downward angled brim wide enough to keep off the harmful rays of the sun throughout the day. So, whether a trilby, bowler or fedora, combine that with a good sunscreen lotion and momma will come back home with a glow.

Maternity Support: Belt and Pillows

Traveling can be a big hassle, but traveling while pregnant is a different ball game. What used to be just enough leg space suddenly becomes unbearable, your back wants to give in with any extended sitting while your knees keeping complaining of the world of weight on their caps. Throw in the magical belly support and pillows on travel, and you notice the difference a supporting frame of friendship can bring home. For anyone with a traveling mom-to-be, this could be the gift of the season for her.

Tending Terrible Twos: Child Locators

Beyond the nightmares and anxiety caused by bulletins of abductions and sex offenders, the mere inconvenience and consequence of a three year old straying in the airport lobby could range from a missed flight to a frantic dispersal of a rescue team. That is, until you find him or her neatly tucked away between jars of candy or happily chatting away the service staff at the lounge cafeteria; wondering why the world will not just stop and breathe. A child locator is part of the new collection of gadgets with an objective of doing just that. The device uses GPS tracking system only accessed by the account signature. The small device is worn by the child and the parent can locate him via smartphone or the gadget itself. Once the parent wants to locate the child, the locator beeps and therefore makes it easy for the child to respond. Now, you can let them enjoy their freedom of exploration without stressing out.

Codes, Coupons and Charisma

Between baggage fees, shooting holiday prices and overall vacation prepping, any discount will be welcome. So, whether you will need to scrape the web for those hidden discounts, or accumulate your flyer bonuses; mom is worth of every sacrifice. Alternatively, you can just buy her a travel package and present it to her as your gift this Mother’s Day.

Savvy Mom: Travel Gadgetry

From mobile foodie survival kit that will transform drab-on-the-go dishes to glorious meals, to travel apps that ensure mom keeps her fit while she kicks her heels around; the list is endless. Tech travel gifts for mom can range from simple gadgets such as power cards to the complex world of Google glasses and micro cameras. All you need to ensure is that mom is both conversant and comfortable with the gadget before she bids you bye.

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