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Rise of the socialites

by Femme Staff
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Socialite dollIt starts with a twerk video or nude photos on the internet, or something equally outrageous. Today’s socialites are not some demure characters satisfied with attending a few charity events and planting trees at school’s thanksgiving day. They want to be very conspicuous and risqué, relying on their good looks and other physical attributes to stand out. Their lives seem like one long controversy as they compete with one another to stand out as much as possible. And they’re growing in numbers and exposure. You can rest assured that there’ll be a socialite somewhere in your space every too often – in the newspapers, on TV, radio, social media or in person at an event you’re attending.

All good. But why has the concept of socialites been received with such angst in many quarters while there are so many other questionable and undesirable characters walking the street on any given day in society today? The way I see it, socialites are members of society with as much right and wisdom to do what they wish with their lives and bodies as the next person. These are people who have acknowledged what they consider their strengths, found a way to live around this and actually run away with the idea and monetized it. And they’re not exactly dumb. To make their lifestyles money making ventures they have to be calculating and streetwise – like any other business actually.

One thing is clear, socialites are able to catch and hold the attention of a wide cross section of the population, and quite intensely at that. They’re able to spark so much conversation as to get them to international TV and big media houses. They’re obviously able to tag at people’s nerves and elicit such extreme and such varied reactions that there must be something there. Some people are nonchalant, some are full of admiration and some obviously have a bad nerve pulled judging by their extended anger.

The lot that is difficult to understand is the one that claims that socialites and their outrageous way are misguiding their daughters. It is not the duty of anyone to mold the other’s children. There are worse things in society today and due to the free flow of information, they’re floating about in young girls’ faces all the time. Every parent is charged with the responsibility to steer their children in the right direction, not to wait for them to pick mannerisms from the world via the internet and media and then go on a blame game.

I say power to the socialites. They have identified their hustles and are working them.

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