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Our Winning Mother’s Day Letter

by Femme Staff
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happy-mothers-dayLast week we asked our readers to send us stories about their Mum’s. This was our winning story.

Well I begin on a light note, my mum is legally dead. The last time I saw my mum was in September 2006 when she took me to Machakos bus station for me to book a vehicle to go to high school. I was in form two and a partial orphan since my dad went to be with the lord in September 1998 when I was in class two.

News reached me that a week later my mum had not returned home since she took me to the bus stop and had been reported lost at the CID headquarters. Up to date the search is still on and we haven’t heard any positive report. This was the lowest point in my life being the first born in a family of six.

Never the less even if she is missing I celebrate her for her efforts to raise me and my siblings to the people we have become. Through her counsel and wise words I have managed to play the role of a leader in our family and I graduated with a degree in actuarial science from the University of Nairobi.

My sister is graduating in August with a B.com degree from University having persevered all through.

My brothers cleared form four last year and we thank God for the values mum instilled in us, courage, perseverance, exertion and integrity.

Mum wherever you are I celebrate you, and wish you were around to see how God has kept us all through. You are a champion and forever I shall celebrate You.

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