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Your Clutter Could Be The Answer To A Better Economy with OLX

by Femme Staff
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De-clutterWhat makes people live with clutter all their lives? I mean, there’s nothing possibly positive about spending day in day out in a house or office so cluttered that you can’t get anything done. First of all, we need to appreciate that there is cluttering and hoarding that is associated with psychological disorders, and that needs advanced help from medics. This article is for those others who clutter out of other reasons like say, good old laziness.

It is well and good, and even natural to want to hold on to things that you have spent your hard earned cash on. You will want to keep them because you have already developed an emotional attachment to them, or simply because you feel you’ll use them one day. However, it is one thing to keep a few usable valuables, and it is quite another to have a house or office so full of anything and everything that you cannot even get around.

A cluttered house will ruin your day right from the moment you wake up. It will have you walking around with a virtual weight on your shoulders and it will have you dreading to go back home in the evening to jump over things as you try to get around. It will eat away at your time and eventually mess up your productivity. Time spent looking for things like keys that are lost among mounds of clutter is time wasted. And not forgetting the flustered state of mind as you look for lost items while at the same time getting late for meetings and appointments. And what’s more, you may not even know, or you may be in denial, that it’s the state of your house or office that is causing you stress and a constant state of a restless mind.

If anyone needs any more motivation to de-clutter, there is the fact that our houses are holding lots of money in unused goods. Even though things have not yet gotten to the point of extreme clutter in your home, there still may be things that you don’t use, and that can earn you money. About 20% of items in your house are probably useless, which means letting money literally lie around your house, monetary value that could potentially be used to start a business or meet other financial needs. By selling the goods through on-line classifieds, Kenyans are making a fortune and who wouldn’t do with some extra money? Moving unused things from the house also has the definite benefit of helping people de-clutter, making households much cleaner, airier and simply easier to live in.

In a survey released by Nielsen Kenya, there is clear evidence that today more Kenyans have embraced sale of unused goods through on-line classifieds as seen in the second consumer research survey which showed a 37% drop of hoarded house hold items from a high of 158B in 2014 to 115B shillings in 2015. Away from the norm last year where 40% of people felt they did not have something to sell, this year the survey shows that it is now a family affair where consultation is high before selling unused goods in households. This clearly illustrates that Kenyans are getting more confident and empowered in the use of online classifieds like OLX.

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