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4 Junk Food Substitutes To Try Out

by Femme Staff

CrispsSometimes living a healthy lifestyle could mean you trade in all your favorite junk food for something less enjoyable and who are we kidding, why ‘enjoy’ a treat if it’s going to taste bland and boring? Well, we couldn’t agree with you more. And thanks to Greatist.com we at Hellofood would like to share with you some great food substitutions that are well, different to say the least. If you consider yourself a foodie, why not give some of these a try, if for no other reason than simply to say you’ve tried one of these one time!

Sweet Potato Crisps

Sweet potatoes are easily found here in and are packed with vitamins A, C and B6. So instead of purchasing your regular salt and pepper crisps why not try out the sweet potato crisps instead? We already know they are naturally sweet and would make a great substitute for regular crisps.

Popcorn over crisps

And speaking of regular crisps, another substitute is popcorn. They are made from whole grain and they are rich in fiber. For this reason they are the better option, especially if you’re keenly watching your calorie intake. And if you choose to make your popcorn at home then you can control the amount of seasoning that you can put in it so that is stays healthy but is also just as delicious!

Sukuma wiki Chips!

This one you might read with a little resistance but hear me out for a minute! So Kale (Otherwise known as Sukuma wiki) is a dish that we all know goes well with your ugali. But did you know that Sukuma wiki can also make for some great chips? Imagine that! Just using some oil seasoning and baked lightly and there you have it! Something a little different and healthier too!

Red wine over White wine

Calling on all wine lovers! Although white wine is said to have less calories, red wine has more health benefits such as preventing cancer, burning fatter and it also lowers blood pressure. So if you have to choice of choosing one or the other go for the red!

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