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This month we commemorate thirty four years since we lost one of the greatest musical legends of all time, Bob Marley.

If we were to ask what makes a legend, I believe it lies in what one can be most remembered for even after you are long gone. And whether or not you are a die-hard fanatic of reggae music there is no denying that Bob Marley falls into one of the ‘greats’, simply because his music remains timeless, even to this day.

We know that talent, skill and hard work make a great performer but we also like to believe that having a decent meal can also contribute to your performance. And so we sought to find out some of the dishes that Bob Marley enjoyed.


For one, Bob was known to eat in the ital style which refers to a Rastafarian diet that involves a number of food laws that true Rastafarians abide by. It is a very healthy way of living that rejects artificial additives in food, and discourages health-destructive substances.

Plantains and Ital stew

Because of this focus on natural foods, it is believed that Bob Marley was a vegetarian who often enjoyed homemade plantains with melted cheese. Bob was such a strong believer of the Ital style of eating that he carried his own chef with him while he was on tour. It is also supposed that he often enjoyed Ital stew which involves no meat, lots of veggie chunks such as carrots, potatoes, gungo peas and other vegetables cooked in coconut milk with garlic and thyme. Rastafarians also did not take salt as this was condemned by the Rastafarian culture. Gilly, his chef often seasoned his food with fresh spices and herbs to substitute salt.

Fish and liver

While many believe that Bob was strictly vegetarian, it is believed he sometimes ate fish and liver to increase his strength, but never pork as this was strictly prohibited.

Others sites claim that Bob Marley had a sweet tooth and often enjoyed Brownies with shredded coconut as well as dried pineapple rings covered in caramelized sugar.

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