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Add Punch To Every Part Of Your House

by Shiko Msa
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Bedroom in a modern house - home interiors.

Guest Post by Piero Mbaabu

We all want to go home to beautiful houses, warm welcoming sitting rooms, breathtaking bedrooms and generally a well decorated home. Wherever it is, that space you retire to after a day’s job, your haven where you finally rest and find peace, we all want that space as perfect as it can be. A lot has been written about house décor, but very little about my room in school. That needs to look good too, right? You want your friends to walk in and they can stop complementing what they see.

Well, as you do not own the space, and most of the time it has been rented for a few months, there is not much that you can do with it. But there is little you can do, that could make all the difference. Let’s talk about the girls today, and maybe guys later. Do they even need to decorate anyway?

The Walls

You are allocated a room, and one of its previous owners had decided to practice their art on its walls. Worse still, they could have been those people who do math on the walls, I really will never understand this lot. What is the thrill of writing on the wall, not unless you will use a finger, like God? Anyway, your wall looks like a kindergarten’s drawing book. Get some wallpaper. Light colors, with little or no decorations will do. Remember, the room is small you do not want all the attention on the walls. You could use different colors for different walls, but keep the flow. The outcome should be welcoming, cool and silent.

The Windows

For most hostel rooms, this are graced with old tattered curtains. An eyesore. Windows are the path of light to the room. Eyes will always land on them, always. Keep them pretty. You could replace the old curtain you found with something else. Ensure you get a shear. The colors for these could be bold, they will always be visible and when they are hit by light they make the room seem brighter. The curtains could be less bold. You will never go wrong with a light color, with decorations that agree with the shear you used.

The floor

It all depends with its current state. If the tiles are in bad condition or there are none at all, we will have to throw in something. A carpet, some rugs, and mats will do the magic. Choose colors and textures that complement each other. Keep is simple else it gets clumsy.

The Bed

It is the main article in the room. It draws most of the attention. First things first, always make it and make it well. Do something interesting with it. Avoid plain bed sheets and bedcovers. If they have to be plain ones, let the colors be bold. Better still, complement plain beddings with colorful pillows. Be playful and bold with colors when it comes to your bed. Let it make a statement, it is the highlight of your room.


Glow in the dark wall stickers, bulb shades, small vases, a teddy bear here, a well framed picture there; all these will add a twist to how your room looks. Just do not overdo it, remember it is a small space, too much decorating will make it too small.

One last thing, keep your room fresh. Have a sweet distinct scent. It does magic, especially with the guys.

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