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The EastAfrican Newspaper And Why I love It

by Femme Staff
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Newspaper-Color-6For anyone who may still not be aware of The EastAfrican, it is a weekly publication by the Nation Media Group. The paper covers the region as a whole, straddling from Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya. It also sometimes covers South Sudan, Somalia and more countries beyond the immediate East African borders. The paper successfully covers different legal and human rights environments and still manages to remain s relevant and safe from Governments. That is until recently when it was banned by Tanzania for publishing a cartoon that rubbed the country the wrong way.

That right there is one reason why I love it and here are some more.

The EastAfrican is a platform for thought leadership where great minds in the EA and beyond share their ideas. The paper has seen some of the greatest leaders pen articles within its pages, tackling issues like health, business, politics and many more.

It is the only authoritative newspaper that covers East Africa as a region. It breaks down regional integration and makes it sound less remote to the layman. It is therefore in its own way playing a huge role in the East African integration journey.

The paper is digital. I’m not the biggest fan of their app which I think needs some improvement in terms of ease of navigation and ease of sharing but I like the fact that I can catch up with the stories online and be able to share them from there.

You’re not going to happen on inappropriate content in the EastAfrican. It is a serious publication devoid of sensationalized headlines and lurid stories about people’s private affairs and sex scandals.

It plays a big role in highlighting and promoting the arts and literature. As it is, readers are free to submit their written works to the paper and one that stands out is published per week. There is token payment for published stories but most of all, it offers writers a launching pad that puts literary work in the hands of thousands of readers across the region and beyond. This can be quite elevating for anyone who wants to have a career in the literary world.

It has content that nobody else has in the sense that unlike daily papers that capture news and events of the day, it is analytical. Evidently it is doing something right having been in existence for 20 years now, and this trend is sustainable as the paper offers unique information.

It has never had a libel case. This points to responsible journalism and well researched and well backed up stories.

It has a collection of arguably the best columnists as compared to any other paper in the region. In times when journalistic standards are falling, The EastAfrican is one of those papers where good writing and editing are still taken seriously.

It has both a serious and a light read. Even the columnist find ways of fitting some serious reading into a light read – thus educating the reader and at the same time cushioning them against boredom .

It is a weekly. You pick it up on Saturday when it comes out and you have all the week to go through the stories and analysis.

It has stood the test of time and is now 20 years old.

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