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The New Samsung Dual Wash Washing Machine

by Femme Staff
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Samsung Activ Dual Wash-Pre Soak Treatment in the built in sinkSamsung has launched into the Kenyan Market the Activ dual wash washing machine with the following features.

  • Top loading with an LED display panel.
  • An inbuilt sink for pre-soaking clothes that need pre-soaking. The inbuilt sink is ribbed – a feature that allows users to gently scrub problem areas before then tilting the sink to drop the clothes into the drum while separately draining the pre-soak water.
  • A patented wobble technology that generates multi-directional washing flow and pulsates as intuitively as a handwash, thus minimizing twists, knots and tangles from clothes. This is a great way to protect delicate clothes from getting damaged by rougher fabrics, buttons and other clothe accessories.
  • A tempered glass top that can withhold upto 15-20 Kgs of pressure.
    Filters on the sides of the drum to capture fibres, lint or any other particles that could otherwise have adhered to the clothes being washed.
  • Smart check that allows for self diagnosis and also sends alerts to the user’s smartphone when the machine is dirty and needs cleaning. Users would need to download the smart washer app to be able to access these updates.
  • A detergent dispenser that swishes and lathers soap before it gets into clothes. This eliminates the problem of lumps of detergent or white detergent particles ending up on the clothes. The machine can use both liquid and powder detergents.
  • Technology for minimal noise and efficient use of energy.

The Activ dual wash machine will be available in Samsung outlets for Kshs.99,995/- for the 16kg which has a 10 year warranty on the digital inverter motor, and Kshs.70,995/- for the 13Kg. The 13kg does not have the digital inverter motor.

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