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The Rise Of The Supermarket Deli In Kenya

by Femme Staff


Growing up, Saturday was always chapatti day in my household. Unlike in later times when families are getting smaller, during school holidays our house was always full and it was not surprising to be cooking for 10 people at a time. Make that breakfast, lunch and dinner and throw in some neighborhood kids and you get an idea of just how much cooking was going on in that household.

My elder sisters would wake up at the crack of dawn to prepare loads of chapattis for the whole day, enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The smaller ones of us were tasked with the job of boiling legumes, mostly beans, that would go along with the chapatti to complete the Saturday delicacy. The middle children would prepare fresh coconut milk in which to finish cooking off the beans with and in this sort of well rounded cooperation, by the time we sat down for lunch we had cooked, cleaned and kept aside dinner so that afternoons were always free to bond and have fun.

The Saturday chapatti ritual is one that I still uphold to date but now things have changed. Our household has since dispersed and people have moved out to start out their different lives. Now I find myself buying ready made chapos from the supermarket. Thing is, if you want two chapattis you do not go home to cook two chapattis. You do not even have to pass by a restaurant to buy them. You go to the supermarket and along with your usually shopping, you buy your chapatti.

This supermarket deli business does not just apply to chapo. In an increasingly growing food culture, more and more people are buying ready to eat food from supermarkets like Tuskys. The supermarket deli has become quite a craze because of the sweet combination of convenience and food at fair prices. This craze whose pioneer is Tuskys T-Mall on Lang’ata road Nairobi has been quite the godsend not just for bachelors but also for single ladies and people with families alike. After sitting in traffic for hours, having a place to buy ready food is a much more convenient arrangement than getting home too tired and ending up eating incomplete meals a is sometimes the inevitable case. Tuskys and other supermarkets have seen to it that they’ve spread their wings and their convenience to just about every neighborhood in different towns.

Turns out that you can now eat even Nyama Choma courtesy of Tuskys and this is exactly what is happening at Tuskys Ruai today Saturday 11th July. The supermarket chain has hit 25 and in a bid to celebrate their silver jubilee as well as well as show gratitude to their clients for getting them successfully to this age, Tuskys has been having some serious price slashes on different items in their different stores and today is the day for Tuskys Ruai’s customers.

Other than great discounts of upto 50% on some items, there is also fun and games for the whole family and some sizzling nyama choma to crown all the discounted shopping and fun activities. Yes, other than your usual shopping of dry goods, toiletries, fresh produce, fresh milk (dispenser), and many other products, now you can get nyamchom from the supermarket. There is a joke that what is now left for supermarkets to incorporate into their businesses is bars and guest houses.

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