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Celebrating Asian Cuisine Week

by Femme Staff
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indian CuisineWhen it comes to all things food you can never go wrong with Asia. It would not be completely wrong to say that the Asian Culture has massively contributed to what can be defined as culinary art. Their rich cuisine can easily place them in a league of their own with a rich diversity in spices, flavour’s and aromas that make up Asian food that is enjoyed the world over.

Some fun facts about Asian Cuisine

Small portions

One commonality of Asian cuisine is the display of their meals in various small portions so that you can fill your plate with an array of dishes. This can especially be enjoyed with a group of people so that everyone can sample a little of everything.

Peculiar delicacies

Asian cuisine is known to be so exotic that in many parts of the world they enjoy more than just the meat and starches – for example, in Cambodia a few of them ate Tarantulas (a large hairy spider) during the years of food shortage and to this day, they still remain as a cuisine! Other peculiar dishes include Balut – which is half fertilized fetus of a duck or chicken, white ant eggs and tuna eyes!

No cheese please!

Asian cuisine does not include cheese much less any dairy products. They may include cheese to neutralize the palate from all the heat and spices that is experienced from Indian food but it’s not something that is deliberately included as an ingredient. In most cases a lot of Asian food uses plenty of spices and many of them do not go well with cheese. However as culinary art is often abut experimenting it is advised that if you do want to use cheese, go for the fresh and mild kind.

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