truppr_run_nairobifbLet’s face it…the common reason as to why most of us do not work out or participate in sports that we love is because we can not access the proper facilities or training ground to do so. All your football mates lives miles apart and the next available training ground is the nearest public school whose field seems to be in constant use whenever you are free to use it. You therefore resort to sit and wait for the next move blaming a busy lifestyle and laziness for your inactivity.

Well, here’s some piece of good news. Your worrying days are over as Truppr launches in Nairobi.

Truppr is a social platform that was formed to link fitness and sporting enthusiasts so that they make their activities a regular routine while at the same time sharing sporting events and information concerning their common interests. Truppr also provides its users with useful tips on healthy food, work out tips as well as words of encouragement in the course of the fitness program.

Since inception in August 2014 by Co-Creation Hub (CcHub), Truppr has successfully organized 1,022 fitness related events attracting a following of well over 11,500 users.

Fitness trainers also use Truppr to reach a larger client base and they also use the platform to organize recreational activities like boot camps and hikes that help them monitor their clients’ fitness routines and progress.

Wondering how you too could be part of this life changing platform? Truppr has an app ( that one can use to connect to fitness trainers and fitness enthusiasts at no charge.

Get connected to Truppr today and unlock your fitness potential!

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